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    Past events, such as clear color, has been light, sad and happy through the years, pure as a mirror, has been quiet.


    The long road is long and the marriage is like mustard. If one is old, the twilight is good.


    Thousands of years is like a dream, the dust has been vast, still awake dream stranded, the past quickly grey.


    Red dust makes up, mountains and rivers are boundless. The original face, crushing nightmares, life is unique.


    Flowers are independent and swifts fly in both directions.


    I only wish that your heart resembles my heart and will never fail to love you.


    For the sake of the haggard Iraqi sales, the band gradually widened and finally did not regret.


    May I be like a star, like a moon, bright at night.


    I am on the other side of the river, watching the return of the past, hopeless return.


    One day, we are no longer young, one day, we are all at peace.


    Draw the bow strong, use the arrow long; shoot the horse first, catch the thief first, catch the king first.


    One part of the increase is too long, one part of the decrease is too short, the powder is too white, and the Zhu is too red.


    Melancholy, tears, sadness, how many lonely people?


    When we knew each other, we did not reply. We sighed emptily that our time was flowing.


    Flowers are falling apart, and the scenery of the Hakka is going on for some time.



    Self-made sentimental frown, unexpectedly nightmare destroys the soul.


    Suddenly looking back, the man was there, the lights faded.


    When spring comes, beauty grows old and flowers fall and people die.


    The Qinhuai River is cool, the ink bamboo of Shiqiao is swaying, the thrush is flying in the rain, and the window frame falls quietly.


    Complex experience engraved deep lines in the corners of my eyes, I turned around and carved a flower.


    Even though the world is full of flowers, it can not withstand your glance and smile.


    Leisure sorrow is the most bitter, stop leaning on the dangerous fence, the sun is setting, where the smoke and willow are broken intestines.


    Red dust and purple moors, looking for thousands of Baidu, looking back thousands of years, love Iraqi people.


    My heart is moving, but I feel far away. Things are not, people are not, things are not, the past can not be traced.


    If you are in full bloom, the breeze is coming, and your heart is sinking, smiling peacefully.


    Death and life are rich, and Zicheng said. Hold your hand and grow old together with you.


    When one reads to become a devil, one reads to become a Buddha, the origin of which is doomed to fall into the world.


    Foot on life, palm life and death, legend is immortal, the king is invincible.


    If I become a Buddha, there is no devil in the world! If I become a demon, what about me?


    If you are left alone, why do you feel sorry for abandoning you?


    If the heart knows each other, silent also tacit understanding; if the feelings are close, silent also pity.



    I would like to accompany you into a pair of dead bones, farewell to this song scattered cool.


    New knowledge suffers from vulgarity, and old good divides good bonds.


    Handan post in winter solstice, knee lamp shadow accompanied.


    Turn around, a wisp of cold fragrance is far away, the snow is deep, the smile is shallow. Would you like to join me in the next life?


    I am young and full of love.


    Underground, there are bones and ambitions.


    Better call me to bear everyone in the world than to let everyone in the world bear me!


    Autumn wind, passing through the dust, clouds and water, silent, keep in the red dust, waiting for an agreement.


    Sheng Ge scattered into the visitors and began to feel the spring sky.


    It is better for me to bear the burden of the world than for the rest of the world to bear me.


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