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    precious little time to concentrate on studying is a good way to learning.


    study hard, work hard, make the youth more glorious.


    learning knowledge to be good at thinking, thinking, think again.


    learning to have three heart, a confidence, the determination, perseverance.


    the contents of the knowledge in interest could be learning motivation.


    young only study profit, is the moment of life's most bleak.


    if you don't want to wasted life in the world, that is about to study for a lifetime.


    research has three principles: understanding, reading more, frequently experiments.


    people will always be to learn. when he died, is graduated.


    reading is learning, is also learning to use, and it is more important to study.


    in learning to do diligent hardworking brain attendance, can be learned.


    reading and learning is often nutrition, is the endless development of thought.



    learning must be combined with work.


    lu by learning this bottomless, forward.


    if can live, of course i still want to learn.


    people to independent living, learning useful skills.


    vigorous knowledge all over the world, to read all books in the world.


    learn like a stream, not to advance is to go back.


    teaching must start from learners of the existing experience.


    learning to learn, who is very happy.


    to live is to learn, not learn to live.


    des cription: to learn first, learn to read for this.


    learning never shortcut, step by step climb peak.


    we should absorb useful knowledge like a sponge.


    reeducation through labor body, nurturing the heart study.



    make up our biggest obstacle to learning is known, not unknown things.


    genius is only a spark, if you want to make it into the flames, which is only learning! learning.


    when you can't say to yourself what learned today, don't you go to sleep.


    the learning too used as adornment is false; fully in accordance with the rules of learning and a judge is a scholar of quirks.


    this is the right path: draw your predecessors have done, and then move on.


    the whole meaning of life lifes in the continuous exploration has yet to know things, is constantly adding more knowledge.


    we must give oneself put forward such tasks: first, the study, the second is the study, the third is still learning.


    learn to notice even, not careless, learning, so that we can gradually find the objective laws.


    maintain and develop each student's self-esteem, depends on teachers how to see the students' individual learning.


    must remember our learning time is limited. time is limited, not only because of the shortness of life, more because of the numerous and complicated.


    in learning, in the work, in science, in the dedication service for the people, you can find your own happiness.


    we should praise rock solid. we should learn the rock. we should have a strong belief.


    politeness is a kind of language. its rules and practice, mainly from the observation, from those educated people up learning behavior.


    love is a indispensable but it can only be the accelerator that propels us forward, rather than a stumbling block to work and study.


    life is a kind of language, it conveyed a truth for us; if to learn it in another way, we will be unable to survive.


    should not be designed teaching, his responsibility is to teach the person; students should not only reading, his duty is to study the way of life.


    life's most precious is life, life need most is to learn, work is the most happy life, the most important thing in life is friendship.


    if the result of students study in school is to make yourself what also can't create, that his life is always imitating and copying.


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